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  • The nearest airport is Bristol airport, home to Easyjet and served by KLM via Schiphol airport in Amsterdam for major international destinations.             From the airport you can take a

    • ​bus to Bristol Temple Meads train station (~£10, ~20 min, every ~20 min)​
    • taxi to Bath (~£70, ~40 min)

  • The second nearest airport is Heathrow airport, home to British Airways.        From the airport you can take a 

    • RailAirLink coach to Reading and then a train to Bath (~£90, ~2-3 h, every ~30 min) , also known as 'Heathrow Bus' on the train ticket

    • Heathrow Express train to London Paddington and then a train to Bath (~£120, ~2-3 h, every ~20 min)

    • National Express coach to Bath (~£40, 2-3 h, every ~2 h)

    • Taxi to Bath (~£200, ~1h 40 min without traffic)  ​

  • The third nearest airport is Southampton airport.                      

    • From the airport you can take a 

    • train to Bath, where most trains go to Southampton main train station where you have to switch to a train to Bath (~£50, ~2 h, every ~1-2 h)



  • Bath SPA train station has frequent trains connected to the rest of the UK.  

    • London Paddington (~£100, ~1-2 h, every ~30 min)

    • Bristol Temple Meads (~£15, ~15 min, every ~20 min)

    • Southampton (~£50, ~2 h, every ~1-2 h)

   Visit National Rail for timetables, fares and cheap advance tickets. 


  • National Express runs direct services from London Victoria train station and Heathrow airport to Bath Bus station (~£40, ~2-3 h, every ~2 h).


  • Take exit 18 on the M4 toward the south. Follow the signs to Bath on the A46 for ~6 miles and then follow A4 to the west for ~2 miles to enter Bath on London road. Note that the A46 and A4, have very often dense traffic, not only at rush hour times from 7-10 and 16-19. The journey time from the M4 exit 18 to Bath is ~20-30 min without traffic and doubles during peak times.

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