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CTR Wilson General Assemblies

The CTR Wilson Institute for Atmospheric Electricity holds its annual General Assembly at a United Nations world heritage site - the city of Bath. The Assembly is normally held at the University of Bath around mid-November.​ The General Assembly aims to discuss the latest knowledge at the forefront of science and facilitates networking between the members of the Institute.

CTR Wilson Splinter Meetings

The CTR Wilson Splinter Meetings on Atmospheric Electricity are conducted on an a la carte basis to accommodate dedicated discussions of special interest. Splinter Meetings are held at opportunistic locations, typically on an annual or bi-annual basis. The Splinter Meetings aim to disseminate the latest knowledge on Atmospheric Electricity and to attract new members to join the Institute. 

CTR Wilson Seminar Series 

The CTR Wilson Seminar Series for Atmospheric Electricity is delivered at the University of Bath. The seminars are normally held on a monthly to bi-monthly basis in the Centre for Space, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. The Wilson Seminar aims to attract external speakers to deliver knowledge at the leading edge of science and enables meetings between members of the Institute. 

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