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Lightning discharges remain an enigma to date despite intensive research. Whilst lightning discharges are used as an indicator for the now-casting of severe weather in meteorological operational services, the initiation of lightning discharges, their development and impact on the atmosphere are subject to intense research. 

The behaviour of animals often implies the existence of yet unknown strategies to navigate the world. It is believed that some animals have the ability to sense atmospheric electric properties that assist their behaviour in nature.

The potential for novel discoveries to consolidate and extend existing knowledge is paramount. 

Clouds are one of the largest uncertainty in the discussion on climate change and there is an increasing body of evidence that the microphysical properties of particulates are modified by the influence of atmospheric electricity and space weather with the ability to alter the radiative properties of clouds and their role in the climate system.  

The CTR Wilson Institute for Atmospheric Electricity aims to assist pushing forward the boundaries of science in collaboration with research establishments around the world, governmental and public service institutions, industry and the general public. 

"The CTR Wilson Institute for Atmospheric Electricity aims to enhance the visibility of atmospheric electric services and technologies by enabling access to expert advise and corresponding contact information."

CTR Wilson Institute for Atmospheric Electricity  - The Management

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